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Move outside this summer. Over 80 parks and open spaces available. Go for a hike. 65 miles of trail are waiting for you. KIDS INC celebrating 25 years of caring for kids. Current park and trail projects. New and improved just for you. 250 weekly fitness classes to move you.

Current Happenings

Fall Recreation now open: View the Fall Playbook (3 MB pdf)

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Riley Ranch Nature Reserve
Informational Meeting

10/9, 5:30 - 7:00 pm

Board Meeting, 10/7
5:30 pm, work session
7:00 pm, business session

Shevlin Park Management Plan

Slacklining in Parks
Rules & Guidelines

Current Construction Projects

Community Event Calendar

Outdoor Seekers
Take a look at a great site for kids outdoor adventures.

Sports Team Schedules
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